640 & 8th

  I really like this address. It¬†transforms the unassuming front of a bland building into something interesting and dramatic at night.

Downtown Day & Night

  It’s always seemed weird that freight trains move through downtown Calgary.

Descriptive Title #1

10th avenue Calgary Alberta This part of 10th avenue Calgary Alberta is one of the most interesting places to explore and photograph. You can easily walk up the train tracks and get some nice shots of the river, or you can follow the bike path downtown. I’m pretty sure I could go blind and I […]

That Place

I had a wonderful argument with  a stranger on this footbridge.

The West Side

Type 2

A similar shot in black and white. I think I like the color one better.

Bathurst St

It’s like this photo is tearin’ ass around my screen – but it’s standing still.   Still waters run deep.  

The Light Burns My Eyes!

I don’t usually have time to shoot during the day. I don’t remember when I took this but I’m assuming it was last summer sometime. I just like the shadows and contrast and all that good stuff, It’s been a really good background image for my linked in profile. lol

The Heights

  This alley is screaming to be used as a the set for some great shoots. Too bad I don’t live in Calgary anymore.

The Bank