The Heights

  This alley is screaming to be used as a the set for some great shoots. Too bad I don’t live in Calgary anymore.

Cherry Street


  This statue is so heavily textured I still can’t tell if I have focused properly. It looks so disappointed, I feel that I have failed. Lol  

New in the Neighbourhood

  These lights are pretty new, and I couldn’t quite figure out how to frame them. They look super cool and I don’t doubt someone will create a really special image with them. I can’t wait to see it.

Lo Fi

So I was trying something a little different this night. I was running around shooting at really high ISO, something I normally hate to do. But I wanted to see how dark and gloomy I could make what is normally a very bright street – even in the evening. I think I succeeded here. I […]

A Frenchman

Late night and natural light only. This is my buddy Joe – he had recently moved from Marseilles, France to Calgary at the time I took this. It isn’t tack-sharp but I think It captures a good moment.


I’m sure people have tried this before, but I wanted to know what happened if I did a long exposure HDR on a busy roadway. Well, this was the result of my tinkering. It’s definitely not perfect but everything going on in this image is just bonkers to me. I really think there is something neat […]

Late Night Eats

A hot dog on the way home from a long night at work or the bar. Few things in life are as shameful and satisfying.

Men at Work

Almost two years ago my friend gave me an old Canon 7D body and a bunch of lenses that she didn’t use anymore. These are some of the images I snapped on one of the first nights I took it out. It’s been a lot of fun and most importantly for me, “Mr. Butter fingers”, it […]

Long Day

On my way home from school I came across this guy. Totally dead to the world on a busy rush hour train platform. I thought I had it rough, working two jobs and full-time studies – I never passed out while waiting for the train. I’m kind of bummed because I like the photo I’m […]