Glenmore Lights

Glenmore Trail At Night It has been a long time since I’ve posted anything here. I’ve been working a lot and I just haven’t had a ton of time to commit to anything that isn’t work-related. With all of that said, I have had some interesting ideas for some really cool composite photos that will […]

Cherry Beach Nights

  It was a cool but, muggy night when I saw the clouds begin to roll through. I grabbed my camera and marched right down to Cherry Beach because I knew I had the chance to catch a really special shot. It’s kind of incredible that in the middle of one of the largest cities […]

Romance Take Two

    Evening Romance I was really excited about my last photo Romantic┬áso I tried to recreate the romance and I went back later in the week to take a similar shot at sunset. It really isn’t the greatest shot but I am absolutely excited by┬áthe kind of images I’m getting out of this long […]


Last Week Was My Romantic Period A friend of mine told me this photo reminded her of a Turner painting. That made me so happy, this is the look I was going for, not Turner specifically, but one of the Romantic school. I think This is going to turn into a series very soon. I […]

The shores of Lake Ontario

  Late at Lake Ontario I just love this shot.

Toronto Beach Life

Toronto Beach Life I never realized it but you can totally see the lights from New York State off on the other side of Lake Ontario at night. for those people who may be wondering my settings for this shot were: Canon EFS 17-55mm f/7.1 ISO:100 3 MINUTES!!! exposure. My one regret is that I’m […]

Glenmore Fog

One of the foggiest nights I can remember in Calgary. I love how these trees are silhouetted against the diffused lights from the Glenmore Trail causeway.

Fog Surrounds

I really like this shot. Everything is so smooth, but you’d never know that this was taken out in front of a large hospital.

Hot Dam

Hot dam this was a cold night. I’m glad I managed to get this shot when I did, though – it wasn’t too long until the city came around and built a huge fence that would have prevented me from getting this shot.

A Spacey Field

This has a cool infrared feel to it – kind of like being on another planet. I like the texture of the grass and that cloud hugging the edge of the hill. I haven’t thought about it too much, though, I just like the way this looks.