It Was Supposed to Be All About A Lamp

About A Lamp So I Went out a few weeks ago with a friend of mine and couple guys that she knows who are selling a new floor lamp they have called the StLyte. It’s made from old street lights purchased from the City of Calgary, and frankly, it’s a pretty damn cool floor lamp. I would […]

Late Night

The city may slow but it never sleeps.

Princes’ Island

I took this photo almost a year and a half ago. An incredible friend of mine gifted me a new camera and I must have been downtown until 4 am that night. It was cold, my nose was running but I was just that excited to play with my new toy.    


I’ve heard it said that bad weather makes for the best photographs. I don’t know if that’s true, but it certainly can change the familiar into the foreign. This street in the East Village of Calgary, Alberta looks nothing like this in the light of day. The rain and the fog have transformed this “everyplace” […]


Maybe it’s because it’s so rare in the natural world, but there is something just plain pleasing when you see something symmetrical.