Portraits of My Friends I have been lucky enough to have had the use of a friends’ Mamiya 7ii for the last couple of months. I’ve been slowly learning the ‘old ways’, and by that I mean it’s been a pain to learn how to use a rangefinder – it is quite tricky, […]

It Was Supposed to Be All About A Lamp

About A Lamp So I Went out a few weeks ago with a friend of mine and couple guys that she knows who are selling a new floor lamp they have called the StLyte. It’s made from old street lights purchased from the City of Calgary, and frankly, it’s a pretty damn cool floor lamp. I would […]

A Frenchman

Late night and natural light only. This is my buddy Joe – he had recently moved from Marseilles, France to Calgary at the time I took this. It isn’t tack-sharp but I think It captures a good moment.

Long Day

On my way home from school I came across this guy. Totally dead to the world on a busy rush hour train platform. I thought I had it rough, working two jobs and full-time studies – I never passed out while waiting for the train. I’m kind of bummed because I like the photo I’m […]

All Business

This guy was posed like this for several minutes, so I took my shot. I don’t think he noticed.

Frey Gander

This guy is a fantastic street photographer and a good friend of mine. Check him out