Toronto Beach Life

Toronto Beach Life I never realized it but you can totally see the lights from New York State off on the other side of Lake Ontario at night. for those people who may be wondering my settings for this shot were: Canon EFS 17-55mm f/7.1 ISO:100 3 MINUTES!!! exposure. My one regret is that I’m […]

Glenmore Fog

One of the foggiest nights I can remember in Calgary. I love how these trees are silhouetted against the diffused lights from the Glenmore Trail causeway.

Fog Surrounds

I really like this shot. Everything is so smooth, but you’d never know that this was taken out in front of a large hospital.

A Spacey Field

This has a cool infrared feel to it – kind of like being on another planet. I like the texture of the grass and that cloud hugging the edge of the hill. I haven’t thought about it too much, though, I just like the way this looks.