About Me

Devon MacKayI have never been the kind of guy who likes to spend his time taking lots of photographs. That all changed a few years ago when I took a trip to Iceland. My friend had brought their DSLR along for the trip – I was comfortable just absorbing the experience without the need to document every second. That is until one day I picked up that camera and found that I couldn’t put it down.

Since then I haven’t stopped. I like to think I’ve been improving. You can check out my Instagram (@devon_mac)┬áif you’re interested. It tracks my very first shots all the way through to today. I’m pretty sure you can see just how my skills have evolved over the last couple years. I am also currently a featured contributor on Monochromia, so please, check it out and enjoy all the talent that is on that page.

I hope you enjoy my images.

This is my place to share this hobby of mine. If you would like prints, or to just get in touch with me please, don’t hesitate.