It Was Supposed to Be All About A Lamp

About A Lamp

So I Went out a few weeks ago with a friend of mine and couple guys that she knows who are selling a new floor lamp they have called the StLyte. It’s made from old street lights purchased from the City of Calgary, and frankly, it’s a pretty damn cool floor lamp. I would recommend to any architecture and design nerds who need something unique and like the industrial look of unfinished metal.

I was supposed to get some product shots in some interesting places with this lamp, after all, it was supposed to be all about a lamp. I did get some interesting shots, although I can’t say they really put that lamp front and center, they were some pretty cool portrait images none-the-less. I really want to shoot more portraits, but it’s tough finding models. I don’t make a living doing this and it’s tough to find people willing to jump in front of the lens.

Lamp, StLyte, Street light, about a lamp
Cory & Zach

The first shot here is of the Cory and Zach in at a train station with their lamp. I love this shot – even with the Tim Hortons cup in the shot. Considering this was shot only with the ambient light available, It turned out really awesome, of course, it helped that these guys followed direction really well.

Chelsea Risling, Meraki Supply Co, about a lamp

This image was shot on Stephen Avenue in Calgary with my friend Chelsea as the model, and she owns Meraki Supply Co in Kensington where she sells awesome clothes from awesome local brands.

I don’t know what to say about this shot really, other than it turned out amazingly well. Maybe I could have moved a little to the right so that her head was all the way inside the frame of the door. I guess I’ll just have to make a mental note for next time.



How much do you love it?