Misty Calgary, Foggy Calgary

Cemetery hill, Calgary, alberta, foggy road, light trails.
Cemetery hill in Calgary



The City is remade when it is a Misty Calgary, a Foggy Calgary

Skyscraper, Sky, fog, foggy sky, night fog, the bow skyscraper, calgary, alberta
The Bow Building.

I have been super busy since arriving back in Calgary. I’ve been out shooting whenever I get the chance. October was pretty great for shooting and we had more than a few days with dramatic fog. Thanks to the weather I was able to get some great images. My favorite shot is of the light trails over cemetery hill. There is just so much depth to that shot and it really looks like a totally different place than it does in the daytime.

Misty Calgary, or Foggy Calgary – it doesn’t matter which word you prefer it’s always a special time for a photographer in this city. They say bad weather makes the best photos, I tend to agree.


st mary's, Calgary, church, catholic, fog, foggy, foggy church
Saint Mary’s Cathedral.

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