Toronto Subway Nights

TTC, Spadina, Spadina subway, subway, train, train station, Toronto Subway
Spadina Station



I spent the Night Riding the Toronto Subway

Taking photos on the Toronto subway might be a little over done but if you wait for the right moment, or in my case, the right mistake, you

Subway, Toronto, TTC, train, train station, Toronto Subway
Toronto Subway Riders

can get some pretty great shots. I think that the most difficult part in getting these photos was not actually staying out-of-the-way of all the people trying to get to work – it was actually staying away from security.

The subway always seemed to have someone around ready to tell me I couldn’t take photos. It was frustrating, but I’m a rebel, and I would hop the train to the next stop and say yes anyway. I tried not to push my luck though and I wouldn’t stay too long in any one place. Interestingly enough a lot of people seemed really interested in what I was doing. When I explained to them the effect I was trying to capture with these images they all seemed to really dig it. Of course, I could only show them the unedited images on my camera display.

This small series of images also have a much wider aspect because I’m trying to create a more cinematic feeling to these shots, and a cooler color gradation in the shadows which I think makes the shadow people really pop.


I think it works really well, but I’d love to hear some feedback on these.



Toronto Subway, Subway, Toronto, TTC, train, train station
Toronto Subway Rush

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