Hot Summer Lights

Toronto, don valley parkway
Muggy Summer Nights


Hot Summer Nights Mean Hot Summer Lights

Hot summer nights bring out the hot summer lights. The city is so much more lively during the short summers and it’s important to enjoy every second. This night I came out specifically to capture this image. I didn’t know how it would work out but I’m happy to say I think it works great.

I like yellow cast to this image. It reflects just how hot it felt, and the oppressive tropical humidity I felt on this night. I immediately recall walking for almost an hour to get to this bridge to capture that nice lazy S-curve through the Don Valley.

I think it’s awesome, and I think it was worth getting so close the INSANE number of spiders that were all over the place.


For those who may be curious:

85mm ( ~127mm full frame equivalent) 


61 sec



How much do you love it?