Downtown Day & Night

  It’s always seemed weird that freight trains move through downtown Calgary.


  Sometimes you just can’t tell how interesting an image might be until you give it a chance once you get home. This is why you should never delete a photo from your camera’s menu. That and you can accidentally delete everything on your card – a lesson I learned the hard way.

Pretentious Title Idea #1

I hear that in the winter residents of Toronto’s business district hide underground until the springtime.

Love Toronto

Toronto Sign Nathan Phillips Square I always seem to end up at the Toronto sign at Nathan Phillips Square, so I decided to play it like a tourist this time. I wiggled the camera on the tripod to create this effect. I wanted the sign to look painted, I wanted to purposefully show this in a […]

Descriptive Title #1

10th avenue Calgary Alberta This part of 10th avenue Calgary Alberta is one of the most interesting places to explore and photograph. You can easily walk up the train tracks and get some nice shots of the river, or you can follow the bike path downtown. I’m pretty sure I could go blind and I […]

The Weekend

  People Kept staring at me while I was sitting in here trying my best to be ‘Artsy’.

A Familiar View

I’ve seen a few people take a shot from here so I hopped the street car and came to take the same shot for myself. I bet this would look great at sunset.