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My Romanticism

Last Week Was My Romantic Period

A friend of mine told me this photo reminded her of a Turner painting. That made me so happy, this is the look I was going for, not Turner specifically, but one of the Romantic school.

I think This is going to turn into a series very soon. I just have to rent a car to drive up and down the lakeshore, or Maybe along the St. Lawrence. Anyway, I think this photo is amazing because it’s lit only by the moon and I was able to hold the trigger on my camera body for 140 seconds without excessive shaking. I’m telling you guys, it’s all about the breath control and I’m a pro at it.

4 thoughts on “Romantic

    1. I have thought about it, but i don’t know how to give my camera a fine enough shake. I don’t want it to look like an abstract smear, so I might have to Macgyver some sort of long lever that will allow me to wiggle the camera just a little bit.

  1. Love the colours & the technique as its that kind of thinking outside the box that pushes your creativity. I have found actually moving the camera creates a good blur too when faced with city lighting, thanks for checking out my blog too

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