Toronto Beach Life


Toronto Beach Life

I never realized it but you can totally see the lights from New York State off on the other side of Lake Ontario at night.

for those people who may be wondering my settings for this shot were:

  • Canon EFS 17-55mm
  • f/7.1
  • ISO:100
  • 3 MINUTES!!! exposure.

My one regret is that I’m not sure how to compensate for the stars. This was such a long exposure time that it’s very obvious that the stars have started tracking across the frame. I’m sure the solution is either easy, or it requires some sort of equipment that I simply don’t have.

Oh well, this was my first super long exposure and I think it came out pretty damned good!

3 thoughts on “Toronto Beach Life

  1. Great shot Devon One of our fellow contributors on Monochromia takes a lot of these shots. Maybe if you shoot him an email he can share with you how he compensates for the stars. You can find his email in the weekly emails I send out.

    1. Thanks a lot! I took a few exposures and hoped for the best. I seem to get lucky with my shots a lot. I’m thinking I either just have a knack for seeing the potential of a scene or, I should start buying lottery tickets lol.

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