Starry River

I’ve spent many, many late nights walking along the Bow River in downtown Calgary. This spot has a large permanent eddy since the flood in 2013, and you can sometimes catch people out there on their surfboards in the summer.

The Bank

The CN Tower

I told myself I’d never take a picture of this landmark – it’s just too well-known. That said, I just really wanted to catch the clouds in the sky this night, and the tower all by itself  anchors this shot quite well. Although I should have Done this HDR so that I could rescue some […]

Cherry Street


  This statue is so heavily textured I still can’t tell if I have focused properly. It looks so disappointed, I feel that I have failed. Lol  

Motion Blur

  I’ve received mixed reviews of this shot. I like the washed out yellow analog-like tone of this image. It really suits the blurred motion of the pedestrians. Everyone’s always running to catch the bus here,or maybe, running once I get off the bus like me.

A New Treatment.

  I really like clean lines and smooth concrete. I decided to add an analog feel to this and warm it up a little. I don’t remember exactly where in town this was, it was near Union Station though, I remember that much.

Family of Man

  The Family of Man by Mario Armengol. It was quite controversial when it was installed in front of the public education building 40-ish years ago. One person even knitted them underpants to protect public decency. However, you feel about them if you grew up in Calgary you know exactly where these are, and that they […]

New in the Neighbourhood

  These lights are pretty new, and I couldn’t quite figure out how to frame them. They look super cool and I don’t doubt someone will create a really special image with them. I can’t wait to see it.

Lo Fi

So I was trying something a little different this night. I was running around shooting at really high ISO, something I normally hate to do. But I wanted to see how dark and gloomy I could make what is normally a very bright street – even in the evening. I think I succeeded here. I […]