Oh The View

Condos. they Look nice here, but I imagine they’re a bigger pain to live in than they are to pay for.

That Place

I had a wonderful argument with  a stranger on this footbridge.

The West Side

Type 2

A similar shot in black and white. I think I like the color one better.

Bathurst St

It’s like this photo is tearin’ ass around my screen – but it’s standing still.   Still waters run deep.  

Skyline No. 2

This is only my first serious attempt at something like this. It’s essentially the reflection of the lights from Toronto’s skyline on Lake Ontario. For a first try, I think it’s pretty good!

The Light Burns My Eyes!

I don’t usually have time to shoot during the day. I don’t remember when I took this but I’m assuming it was last summer sometime. I just like the shadows and contrast and all that good stuff, It’s been a really good background image for my linked in profile. lol

Late Night Banking

  They kicked me out of this plaza. I guess I look threatening or too tough or something.

The Standard

  Sure, It’s the bog-standard skyline shot that everyone has, and maybe, just maybe, the framing makes this just a little bit heavy on one side. But I shoot what I like and I like this.

The Heights

  This alley is screaming to be used as a the set for some great shoots. Too bad I don’t live in Calgary anymore.