I love short summer nights.

The Mothership

I’m not Mormon, but dang, this is one cool building.

Light Trails

Light trails: everybody loves ’em! Sunnyside too, that’s a great neighborhood.

Crazy Shadows

The best part about shots like this are that nobody will every be able to see this building the same way again. If nobody took a picture of this building at this time then I have the only shot that exists of it in this state – that feels special to me.


  The framing was perfect, my settings were on point – everything was just the way I wanted it. I was sure that this was going to be the greatest photograph I had ever taken. I press the shutter turn around and my back knocks the tripod over. This was the result, It’s still pretty […]

Victoria Park

This is destined to become a trendy coffee shop at some point. I just know it.

Fog Surrounds

I really like this shot. Everything is so smooth, but you’d never know that this was taken out in front of a large hospital.

Off Center

Just as symmetry is really pleasing to the eye. Sometimes upsetting the balance in a very┬áspecific way can be just as satisfying. In this case, just one building which refuses to occupy it’s assigned corner.

Frey Gander

This guy is a fantastic street photographer and a good friend of mine. Check him out

Hot Dam

Hot dam this was a cold night. I’m glad I managed to get this shot when I did, though – it wasn’t too long until the city came around and built a huge fence that would have prevented me from getting this shot.