Long Day

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A Long Day at The Office

On my way home from school I came across this guy. Totally dead to the world on a busy rush hour train platform. I thought I had it rough, working two jobs and full-time studies – I never passed out while waiting for the train. I’m kind of bummed because I like the photo

I’m kind of bummed because I like the photo but it’s one of my earlier ones¬†before I had really learned how to shoot in lower light situations.¬†It’s soft, but I captured the moment, and that’s the most important thing.

No, this man is not homeless.

I’m sure a lot of people will first assume that this guy was homeless. I really have a problem with people that shoot the homeless, especially since the barrier to this hobby is so low now thanks to digital technology. There are a too many people shooting homeless people these days. I don’t think its edgy, I don’t think it’s bringing any sort of awareness to the homelessness issue in your town.

If you really want to help then help – photography can be a part of that but why not create a project that is designed with that purpose in mind.

Team up with a barber or hair stylist and visit a street mission or employment center and help people prepare for interviews. Give them a hair cut and take a professional looking portrait. Actually, deal with them as people rather than a cautionary window dressing for your city.


Rant over.

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